There's no greater honor than those coming from our clients. We love what we do and it is a blessing to be able to impact the lives of everyday people. See for yourself what our clients are saying and then call us and schedule your appointment today.

"I was having issues with the first dentures that I had. I was suffering for fiveyears. At first, I could not afford to be seen by other dentists because Ithought I had gum problems. That is one of the reasons I did not want to go to just any dentist. I really wanted to be seen by a more specialized dentist,which is why I am so happy that I made the right call, talked to the right people, and was called right in the neck of time. I was even happier because I had been waiting for a long time and I was already depressed. I was going through a lot of depression because I could not chew and I had to put glue on the teeth I had yet they would still come off. Then I started suffering from digestive problems. I thank Dr. Silvers for doing such a good job. Not onlythat but as a person, his demeanor and his person said a lot. I was very comfortable with him since day one and I appreciate everything he has done forme. I recommend him very highly. I’ve had a very good experience not only with Dr. Silvers but with the staff. They are very nice people too. I feel comfortable with them and I think I’ve gained a friend. Like I said before I would suggest this place to anyone very highly. I thank the staff and Dr.Silvers. I am more than glad to have gotten this treatment done. There are no words. I am glad that this was where I was sent and I am very fortunate. At this moment, I feel so relaxed, like I am whole again. I got a part of me back again because without my teeth I was sad and it made me feel bad about myself. But now with my teeth I feel like I can conquer the world!

- Awilda Moreno -

“My name is Richard Tang. Most of my career I have been practicing clinical ophthalmologist. However currently I am involved in cardiology, specifically in research in the area of coronary disease. I have been a patient of Dr. Silvers for ten years, he placed multiple dental implants and dentures for me. Dr. Silvers is not only very kind to his patients but also very professional in managing according to his patients’ demanding requirements. Since I found a new job in Los Angeles, California, I still remember Dr. Silvers’ service. Whenever I need my denture adjusted and maintained, I go back to Chicago to see him because I really trust Dr. Silvers with the implant and cosmetic work he does. He did the best job for me.”
–Richard Tang M.D.

“I live in Iowa but my dentist has been Dr. Silvers for twelve years.  My husband asked me why am I going all the way to Lincolnwood, Illinois for a dental appointment.  I told him because Dr. Silvers listens to me and when he does my dental work, it doesn’t hurt.  Dr. Silvers is worth the trip!”
–Linda G.

“My husband had the same dentist for 25 years. But now that my husband retired, we have a new insurance that his dentist won’t take. We looked for a dentist in our neighborhood, who is on our plan. We found Dr. Silvers, I had a hard time getting my husband to see another dentist because he was comfortable with his old dentist. He had a dental emergency, so he made an appointment with Dr. Silvers and he was so comfortable and happy with Dr. Silvers. He really likes Dr. Silvers, we’re so happy to have found you.”
–Kathleen Z.

“I saw dentists in my earlier life and each time I was told I had ten to thirteen cavities.  But when I came to Dr. Silvers twenty one years ago, he told me how to take care of my teeth.  I believe I have  my teeth today because of Dr. Silvers’ excellent care.  He is great!”
–Dorine M.

“I just had dentures made by Dr. SIlvers. They feel so natural, I forget that I’m wearing dentures. Thanks Dr. Silvers!”
-John H.

“Dr. Silvers, I appreciate now all your hard work over the years to perfect my smile.  I use it often, after all I have so much to be happy about!”
– Gavriel N.

“Dr. Silvers,  Just wanted to send a note to express my appreciation for the dental work you’ve done for me.  I came to you with a lot of complex dental issues which you have successfully resolved.  I now look and feel so much better since coming to you, and look forward to a continued relationship in the dental care of my teeth.”
– Doron H.

“I would like to thank you, Dr. Silvers, for the dental work you did for my wife’s teeth the other day.  My wife has always been a very good looking woman with a beautiful smile.  But somehow you managed to make her even prettier… incredible!  I am not in the habit of writing thank you letters to dentists, however writing this letter was easy.  Again… thank you!”
– Dan H.

“I would really like to thank you for the beautiful work you did for me.  You know my husband loves it!  So many people have given me compliments on my smile and I tell them all about you, Dr Silvers!  Again thanks!”
– Ginger H.