What Are Interceptive Orthodontics?

What Are Interceptive Orthodontics?

In the past, it was common for a Lincolnwood, IL dentist to wait to offer orthodontic services until the patient was between 12 and 14 years old and already had all of his or her permanent teeth in place. These days, however, dentists such as Robert Silvers, DMD at TheInterceptive Orthodontics Cosmetic and Implant Dental Center in Lincolnwood, IL are offering orthodontic treatment earlier and earlier. In fact, thanks to a new orthodontics model known as interceptive orthodontics, the recommended age is now as young as seven.

What is Interceptive Orthodontics?

Interceptive orthodontics is an orthodontics model that seeks to use a child's growth as a part of the orthodontic process, rather than waiting until the child's teeth are already firmly in place. In this way, a child's growth actually helps facilitate treatment.

Interceptive orthodontics generally requires multiple treatment phases, but because these phases work with the body, they tend to be shorter and more effective.

What Advantages Does Interceptive Orthodontics Offer?

Interceptive orthodontics creates room for teeth before they come in, preserves space for emerging teeth, encourages jaw symmetry, and reduces the need for tooth removal. It also reduces treatment time and improves treatment effectiveness. Interceptive orthodontics improves tooth alignment for improved self-confidence and self-esteem and for reduced dental problems later in life.

Is Interceptive Orthodontics Right for My Child?

If you know your child will need orthodontics treatment at some point, you might as well take advantage of the earlier years for greater success. Talk to your doctor to see if treatment will be necessary and to find out what the risks and advantages of each of your options might be. Then, you can make the best choice for your family together.

If you have a child around the age of seven, don't wait to seek the orthodontic treatment you know he or she will eventually need. Bring your child in to see your favorite dentist, Dr. Silvers at The Cosmetic and Implant Dental Center in Lincolnwood, IL, and set your child up for a lifetime with a beautiful and fully functional smile.

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